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Copenhagen Piggy Bank

Remember when President Barack Obama still went to Copenhagen after reports came out that global warming was the greatest scam of all-time? Of course you do. Well, CBS investigated and found out that over 100 Congress-related members attended, 3 military jets (2 737’s and one Gulfstream) were used, and over 320 nights combined hotel nights were booked.

According to the article, it costs $9,900 per hour to fly the 3 military jets. Considering that the total flight hours of the trip were 17, that roughly accounts for $168,000 in just flying the planes. That is not counting the dozens that flew commercial at $2,000 each, the 321 booked nights at a 5 star hotel, and meals. Experts put the final cost to taxpayers at around $1.1 million.

Many articles you will read talk about how the Obama administration wasted over $1.1 million. I see it differently. Follow me.  Yes, there is no doubt that the money was wasted, but think of the ramifications that the summit created: before the commencement of the summit, information was leaked that scientists were “massaging” the numbers in their favor. Would that information have come out if the summit would not have taken place? Probably not. So we are thankful for that.

The greatest benefit is that fact that cap and trade did not pass. If it would have succeeded, a household of 4 would have their energy costs rise by $436 by 2012.  The worst part is that the GDP would have been reduced by $393 billion each each.

At the end of the day, spending $1.1 million is a lot better than throwing down the sink each year billions and billions of dollars.