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Copenhagen Piggy Bank

Remember when President Barack Obama still went to Copenhagen after reports came out that global warming was the greatest scam of all-time? Of course you do. Well, CBS investigated and found out that over 100 Congress-related members attended, 3 military jets (2 737’s and one Gulfstream) were used, and over 320 nights combined hotel nights were booked.

According to the article, it costs $9,900 per hour to fly the 3 military jets. Considering that the total flight hours of the trip were 17, that roughly accounts for $168,000 in just flying the planes. That is not counting the dozens that flew commercial at $2,000 each, the 321 booked nights at a 5 star hotel, and meals. Experts put the final cost to taxpayers at around $1.1 million.

Many articles you will read talk about how the Obama administration wasted over $1.1 million. I see it differently. Follow me.  Yes, there is no doubt that the money was wasted, but think of the ramifications that the summit created: before the commencement of the summit, information was leaked that scientists were “massaging” the numbers in their favor. Would that information have come out if the summit would not have taken place? Probably not. So we are thankful for that.

The greatest benefit is that fact that cap and trade did not pass. If it would have succeeded, a household of 4 would have their energy costs rise by $436 by 2012.  The worst part is that the GDP would have been reduced by $393 billion each each.

At the end of the day, spending $1.1 million is a lot better than throwing down the sink each year billions and billions of dollars.


Obama Uses Teleprompter

Are you serious? Teleprompter’s at an elementary school !!

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Education Secretary Arne ...

Take a Break From Obama

We interrupt this broadcast to give you a break from: Obama the Terrible

Driving home last week from a weekend in Savannah, Georgia, I heard on the radio what I have posted below. Maybe this is something that is well known to everyone, but I asked a few people and they had no idea this occurred. I have never heard this before so I did my own research and pulled together the following.

December 1 marked the 54th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat in the front of the bus to a white passenger. In 1955, Park was 42 years old. She is considered a civil rights activist and was recognized by the U.S. Congress as the “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement.”

Irene Morgan was a pioneer in the civil rights movement, 11 years before Rosa Parks. Morgan was 27 years old in 1944 when she was arrested and jailed in Virginia for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. Morgan was sitting four rows from the back, but still in the “colored section”. In a 1946 landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-1 that Virginia's state law enforcing segregation on interstate buses was illegal.

Claudette Colvin is a pioneer of the African American civil rights movement and was part of the NAACP Youth Council at the time of her arrest. She resisted to give up her seat in a Montgomery bus to a white person in 1955 at the age of 15. This incident occurred 9 months before the Rosa Parks. Her case was not publicized by black leaders because of her image as a lower-class, dark-skinned, unmarried pregnant woman. After her father posted her bail, Edgar Daniel Nixon, the leader of the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP, vowed to help Colvin because they had been waiting for a test case to challenge bus segregation. In the months following her arrest, Colvin became pregnant. At that time, it was considered a moral transgression and would scandalize the deeply religious black community.

Then came the second-guessing: (1) very poor background (2) father mowed lawns (3) mother was a maid (4) lived in the poorest sections of Montgomery. It was also said that Colvin spewed curse words at officers. Colvin denied ever saying anything to that extent, on the contrary, they were directed towards her. This made the NAACP question whether or not Colvin was a “reputable” face for the civil rights cause. They did not want the white press to pick on all of her “negatives”. The decision was made that they were going to wait for until they had a plaintiff who was more upstanding.

Some historians have argued that civil rights leaders, who were predominantly middle class, were uneasy with Colvin's lower class background.

Mary Louise Smith is a civil rights protester.  On October 21, 1955, at the age of 18, Smith was ordered to give up her seat on the bus to a white female passenger. She was subsequently arrested, 40 days before Rosa Parks. Her father bailed her out of jail and paid her fine, $9. Smith was a high-school dropout, worked as a housekeeper, and lived in a clapboard shack in the country. Smith was not chosen by black leaders as the face of the Montgomery civil rights movement because it was rumored that her father was an alcoholic.

Smith did not learn about that until 1995 when a reporter told her that she had been a topic of conversation among black leader as being a test case. They could not find anything negative to say about Smith, but the reason she was not chosen was because of her father’s rumor – he was an alcoholic. Smith said that this was an untrue allegation and that it bothered her more than the exclusion and ignoring of her contributions by Montgomery and national black leaders for over 50 years.

I have nothing bad to say about Rosa Parks, but I feel that the NAACP was guilty of racism themselves. Why? Because Claudette Colvin should have been the face of the civil rights movement and it’s her name that should be everywhere Rosa Parks name is currently at. As mentioned above, the NAACP did not use Colvin as the “chosen” person because of her image of being a lower-class, dark-skinned, unmarried pregnant woman. During that time, light/fair skin carried more of a status among blacks. How racist is that? Amongst themselves they must have said, “Because her skin is dark we might not get the results we want so sorry Claudette, you just don’t fit the profile we are looking for.” Isn’t that as racist as “you have to sit in the back of the bus because you are black and not white?” I see it as racism between themselves. It is counter-productive. That’s why Rosa Parks was chosen – 42 years old, with a job, and light skin.

What about the case of Mary Louise Smith? She was not chosen to be “Rosa Parks” because there were rumors that her dad was an alcoholic. The NAACP did not find anything negative against her and she was never informed of the reason until 1995 – 40 years later.

I am against racism of any kind and I feel that the NAACP engaged themselves in racism back then. Think about this: How many atrocities could have been prevented IF the NAACP would have handled the Claudette Colvin case in the manner they did for Rosa Parks? Think of all the people who suffered during the 9 months the NAACP hand-picked someone who was just right and was not dark-skinned or poor being unmarried and pregnant. I am not saying that racism towards blacks would have ended, but the process would have commenced a lot sooner instead of 9 months LATER !! Unbelievable !!

Back to our broadcast currently in progress: Obama Disappoints Again…………..

9/11 Mastermind Going To New York

Happy Friday the 13th !! Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Later today, Attorney General Eric Holder will announce that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the September 11 terrorist attacks, along with 4 others also involved in the attacks, will be put on trial in New York City. In past months, authorities have squashed another potential terrorist attack in the city. Now with this circus coming to New York, Homeland Security should raise the level to RED.

And just when you thought this story couldn’t get worse. The White House plans to try these terrorists in civilian courts with a criminal trial. That means that they will get the right to a fair trial, the right to a taxpayer funded attorney, the right to review all evidence against him including the classified intelligence material, the right to exclude evidence against him, including the information collected through enhanced interrogation techniques. How do you like that? With the access to possible classified material, the percentage of this information leaked through his lawyer to other terrorists increases drastically. We have had that scenario play out already. It is incredible that someone who masterminded the murder of thousands of people would have the right to get a trial like any other American. How despicable is it that the terrorist who killed thousands on 9/11 is going to have a lawyer funded by the families of those he killed? Like I have said before, everyday Obama proves why he is incompetent to serve as our Commander in Chief. Is this the doing of Barack Obama trying to appease the Muslim world and prove to them that the evil Western Empire came be nice to radical Muslims? I think so.

Wait, it gets a bit worse. The administration will also announce later today that Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, alleged to have planned the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, will get a military tribunal trial. So the terrorist who blows up New York gets to have a trial with the same rights as every American is entitled to, but the one who blew-up soldiers get a military tribunal. I don’t get it? Mohammed should never step on U.S. soil, yet Obama is under the impression that a jury in New York is going to find him guilty. Don’t be so sure Mr. President because Mohammed can easily claim that he did not receive a fair trial. Don’t be surprised if it back fires.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speaks at the UN

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks today at the United Nation’s in front of 192 countries. In recent months he has denied that the Holocaust occurred and has threatened Israel with their destruction. When the Iranian President approaches the podium to deliver his “speech”, the seats of the Israeli and Canadian delegation will be empty. Germany has said that they are prepared to walk-out also if the president’s speech is ant-Semitic or denies the Holocaust again. No word yet on whether the American delegation will follow suit, but a member of the U.S. delegation did say, "I can't predict what [Ahmadinejad] is going to say.” Really ?? All that comes out of his mouth is down with Israel, the Holocaust never occurred, and the U.S. sucks. I will keep you updated on the stance the U.S. delegation decides to take. I am hoping it is the correct one, WALK-OUT, but considering Ahmadinejad is one of the despots that President Obama would meet with without any pre-conditions, I would bet on the side of – STAY IN YOUR SEATS.

Gimme Your Money Or Else

Montana Democrat Max Baucus, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has proposed a scheme of fees and fines on insurers and the uninsured with the idea of forcibly bring everyone into the arms of the United Socialist of America. His plan is tax and fine those who do not sign up for ObamaCare – $6 billion on health insurers, $4 billion on medical device makers, $2.3 billion on drug manufactures and $750 million on clinical laboratories, just to mention a few. There is no way that all of the fees and taxes mentioned will help cut healthcare costs. What is does is prevent medical innovations and lifesaving medicines from being created since they would have to now to be responsible for the taxes and fees.


According to Robert Zirkelbach of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) says, "New taxes on health insurance coverage is only going to make coverage less affordable for individuals, families and small businesses." The $6 billion fee on health insurers equals to 25% of the industry's pretax profit and 60% of after-tax earnings. That is not a fee; that is called “I have a gun. Gimme all your money. NOW !!”


Under the ObamaCare plan by Max Baucus, if a company has over 50 employees and they do not offer insurance to them, they will be assessed a fee of $400 per employee. The plan would also require that all Americans get health insurance. If you decide not to, a penalty would be assessed to you in the amount starting at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. That’s not all. Any household making more than three times the poverty level would face the maximum fine of $3,800 for families and $950 for individuals. I thought this was a democracy ??

Most of us are very happy with our health insurance. There are many other ways to help expand coverage without the fees and taxes. One way is to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. There are over 1,300 health insurance providers and by allowing an open market competition will lower the prices. Why isn’t that an option ?? I don’t see how ObamaCare will make us any healthier or healthcare coverage any cheaper. All is does is expand government control over the healthcare industry as they have done with the banks and auto industry.

Disgusting !!

I don’t care what anyone says, Oliver Stone is a communist !!!! He made a movie about fidel castro , another one about George W. Bush, and now he did one about hugo chavez. Two favorable movies regarding dictators and a bad one about his president. How un-American is that ??