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Olympic Size Catastrophe

Now that we know the tragic fate of the city of Chicago regarding the Olympic games in 2016, we can sit back and analyze how much did this trip really cost the American taxpayers. President Barack Obama was in Copenhagen for only a few hours only to be slapped in the face by being eliminated in the first round of voting. I personally believe that it is not the president’s job to go overseas in an attempt to bring the Olympic games to HIS hometown. Would President Obama have made the trip if the games would have been in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Texas, etc.? NO !! Then why did he go? Well, that is very simple – he has a lot of friends who are in real estate (Tony Rezko, Valarie Jarrett) and countless others that would benefit greatly from the Olympics coming to Chicago. That is why.

In a recent poll, nearly half of the Chicagoans polled did not want the International Olympic Committee to award Chicago the games in 2016. I am glad that the games won’t be in Chicago because the financial stress put on the host city is tremendous, whether it’s not or in the future. No state is in any shape financially to support billions of dollars being used in Olympic games preparations. History has proven that it takes years and years and years for a host city payoff all of their debt host city payoff all of their debt. For example, Montreal is still paying for the 1976 games, Athens ran billions of Euros over budget at the expense of the country, and citizens of Los Angeles just stopped paying for their 1984 Olympic games . Imagine the financial stress Chicago would be left with in a time which every dollar needs to be accounted for due to the recession we are experiencing? Incredible !!

Below, I am going to give you the most accurate breakdown of how much did Obama’s trip to Denmark REALLY did cost YOU.

President Obama’s plane is a Boeing VC-25 and according to a March 2006 report prepared by the Committee on Government Reform – Special Investigations Division on “The Cost of Presidential and Vice Presidential Political Travel”, flying Air Force One for an hour costs American taxpayers $54,100 in 2000. Since that amount is 9 years old, it needs to be adjusted due to inflation to represent today’s dollar value. Using an inflation calculator, $54,100 translates into $67,808 in 2009. Next let’s calculate the distance between Washington, D.C. and Copenhagen, Denmark. Using a distance calculator distance calculator, we find out that there are 4,893 miles between the two points of interest. When I multiply that by 2 to get a round-trip amount, I get 9,786 miles. According to Wikipedia, Air Force One cruises at Mach 0.84 (623 mph). Now that we have the miles and the travel speed, let’s calculate the duration of the trip.

We know that the roundtrip miles for Obama’s trip was 9,786 miles and the cruising speed of Air Force One is 623 mph. If we divide those two figures, we get 7.85 which is roughly 8 hours (7.60 = 8 hours). Now let’s multiply 7.85, duration of the flight, by $67,808, the cost of flying Air Force One per hour after inflation and we get $532,559.46. That is the cost for only one-way, not roundtrip !! If we double that total we get $1,065,118.92 for the roundtrip. This is only the cost of flying from point A to point B an back to point A. There are a lot of other charges that will be passed on to us, the taxpayers.

For example, once the President decides he is going to visit a country overseas, there is a team that travels to the desired destination and surveys. In total, three trips are done before the President leaves. On top of that, there are multiple cargo planes that also have to travel in advance of the President to airlift the cars used in the Presidential motorcade, Marine One helicopters, and other vehicles used by the president’s team. Secret Service and a few hundred government officials travel with the President when he makes an overseas trip. Who do you think pays for the costs of Air Force One, the use of Marine One from the White House to the airport, cargo planes, expenses incurred by all the individuals that travel with the President (logistics, communication, planning, lodging, meals, etc), fuel for all the aircrafts? YOU !!. Let’s not forget that the First Lady travelled to Copenhagen two days before the President did. She travelled with her group of government officials. Who do you think paid for that?. YOU !! Lastly, whenever the President travels, a replica of Air Force One also makes the trip as a pre-caution in case the first plane malfunctions. By now you know who pays for that, right?  That’s right, YOU !!

You might be saying to yourself, “Yea, but the media already said that the cost of the trip was about $1 million dollars. You are just repeating what they said.” Very fair point. I guarantee you that no media outlet, other than Foxnews, will break down the cost like this. I guarantee you that none of the mainstream propaganda Obama loving media will mention that there are a lot more costs associated with Obama’s trip as I have mentioned above.