Obama Uses Teleprompter

Are you serious? Teleprompter’s at an elementary school !!

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Education Secretary Arne ...


6 responses to “Obama Uses Teleprompter

  1. What a freken idiot dude!

  2. Complete….TARD!

  3. At least he wants to be accurate, unlike your incorrect use of an apostrophe.

    “Teleprompter’s” is plural, so it just gets an “s” added to the word, i.e., teleprompters. No apostrophe. That’s a second grade writing lesson.

    Tard? Guess it takes one to know one. 😀

  4. americaisunderattack

    Are you saying you are a tard?

  5. americaisunderattack

    I see I am dealing with ignorance, so I will not use my comment section of my blog for this nonsense.

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