SURPRISE: Stimulus Money Used Inappropriately – Part 2

In a post last month, I exposed a bunch of useless projects that the government thought might be worth investing in because they would stimulate the economy. Here are a few more projects that have been funded with the $787 billion stimulus, OUR MONEY !!

  • $1.9 million for “water taxis to nowhere” in Pleasure Beach, Conn. Congress approved the money after a fire destroyed the bridge to Pleasure Beach, but the area already is accessible by foot and rowboats.
  • $3.8 million for an urban art trail in Rochester, N.Y.
  • $3.1 million for upgrades to a boat owned by the New York State Museum. The boat dates back to 1921 and was originally used in canals.
  • $3 million for bicycle racks in Georgetown — the Washington, D.C., neighborhood that is one of the wealthiest areas in the country.
  • $1.5 million to improve the street scape in the six blocks surrounding a downtown Detroit casino.
  • $578,000 for fighting homelessness in Union, N.Y. According to a local news report, the town never asked for the stimulus money and did not even have a program through which to administer the money. The town supervisor said he wasn’t aware of a homelessness problem in the town.
  • $550,000 for a skateboard park in Pawtucket, R.I.
  • $500,000 for fish food in Missouri, to help defray the costs for state fish farmers.
  • $400,000 for renovations to a vacant building in City of Jal, N.M.
  • $380,350 to encourage landowners in West Virginia to grow shiitake mushrooms and ginseng.
  • $90,000 for a communal kitchen in Watsonville, Calif. The shared kitchen is meant to help food service entrepreneurs.

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