Obama Will Eat His Turkey, Then Decide About Afghanistan Troops

On September 16, 2009, Gen. Stanley McChrsytal, whom President Obama selected to guide the U.S. to victory in Afghanistan, requested an additional 40,000 troops to avoid failure. As of today, Obama has not yet decided whether he will send more troops to support and back-up those currently there struggling to keep up with the Taliban. More than 90 troops have died since Gen. McChrystal put in his request. It was announced Friday that Obama will not make a decision until after Thanksgiving . I hope that on Thanksgiving he gives thanks to all the men and women who are fighting and are risking their lives for this great country.

Get with the program President Obama !! How much longer will you need to decided whether our troops deserve help or not? Does everyone remember when the Bush administration did not send immediate help to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and how the media jumped all over him? Where is the media now? It has been over two months since the request was made. Slowly, the media is becoming “government run” because never is Obama held accountable or questioned unless it occurs on Foxnews. What a shame !!

On the left hand side of my blog is a countdown showing how much time has elapsed since Gen. McChrystal requested more troops. Time is ticking President Obama and troops need more help. When will you care?


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