Czars Won’t Be Allowed To Testify

The Obama administration has told Congress last week that it will reject calls for many of the president’s policy czars to testify before Congress. Senators have said that the decision goes against Obama’s promises of transparency and openness. It also undermines Congress’ constitutional mandate to investigate the White House’s actions. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) says that she has spoken to White House counsel Greg Craig and he told her in a meeting that they will not make available any of the czars who work in the White House and don’t have to go through Senate confirmations. It is not known if those outside the White House will be allowed to appear before the Senate.

This is ludicrous because all of the policy czars are negotiating and making policies on behalf of President Obama. How can someone have so much power and not be confirmed or vetted by Congress. Obama says that he should be allowed to have advisors who are free to give him confidential advice without having the fear of being called to Congress to testify. On the other side you have Republicans AND Democrats in Congress who argue that those in office who are actually crafting and creating policies should be able to be summoned to testify because they do more than just advice the president.

Craig concludes be saying, “We recognize that it is theoretically possible that a president could create new positions that inhibit transparency or undermine congressional oversight. That is simply not the case, however, in the current administration.” Let me translate: It is possible you are seeing blue, but just because the possibility exists of you seeing blue, doesn’t mean you are seeing blue. Give me a freakin’ break dumbass !!

This is just another example of the White House making their own rules. What a great example they are setting for the country – break the rules when they are not in your favor. Let’s not forget that President Obama stated that the Cambridge Police Department acted “very stupidly” when they arrested a disruptive a black Harvard professor. Way to go Mr. President !! Keep setting the bar high !!


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