Committee Defends Obama Decision

It seem like the members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee feel the need to defend their choice for the prize – President Barack Hussein Obama. Several of the members told the Associated Press yesterday that they disagreed with the critics that Obama has done nothing to deserve the award. Thorbjoern Jagland, committee chairman, said, “We simply disagree that he has done nothing. He got the prize for what he has done.” Really? What has he done? Promise to rid all nuclear weapons for the face of the earth. Promise to get together the west and the Muslim world. Maybe this is what pushed the committee over to award Obama the prize – Obama has, as Jagland stated, “scaled-down a Bush-era proposal for an anti-missile shield in Europe.” Talking about the points mentioned above, Jagland says that all points above have contributed, not to a safer world, but a world with less tension. So that means police officers should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for the daily work against crime, violence, and their attempt to bring peace amongst the community. Also, with the accomplishment of police work comes a community with less tension. I promise to do good in school and get a 4.0 GPA. Can I get my diploma now?

Aagot Valle, who I previously mentioned in a post is a socialist, also told the AP, “Don’t you think that comments like that patronize Obama? Where do these people come from?” You dirtbag socialist, we come from the United States of America where we have the freedom to speak freely. We are tired of Obama “The Messiah” ruining our economy, spending our money on projects that won’t “stimulate” the economy, and attempting pass government-run healthcare. We come from a country that is trying to fight off socialist radicals who are pushing the socialist agenda. You wouldn’t about that because you are a socialist.

As mentioned above, the AP interviewed these individuals and we all know how left their reporting can be. But how left do you have to be for the AP to refer to you as “left leaning.” Here is what they said, “The left-leaning committee whose members are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament…….” Not only do I call it like I see it, but I guess so does the AP at certain moments. You have to be extremely left leaning if you get called out by the Godfather of Left Media. Again, I will repeat what I posted a few days ago, Obama has done nothing to deserve the award. Can we debate this at the end of his term? Yes, but for now, October 14, 2009, he does not even deserve honorable mention at the local farmer’s market.


One response to “Committee Defends Obama Decision

  1. Do you know what the teacher’s unions do for your children?
    Do you know why the founding fathers are not taught in school anymore?

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