I Agree with Hugo Chavez

I thought the day would never come in which I would agree with the Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez. I know I know, but I am not going crazy. You will understand as soon as you read what he said. Yesterday, Chavez expressed his feelings about President “Lack of Hope and Change” and his newly awarded Nobel “Future” Peace Prize and I couldn’t agree more with him. It pains me to say this, but he took the words right out of my mouth. Here is what he said:

“For the first time, we are witnessing an award with the nominee having done nothing to deserve it: rewarding someone for a wish that is very far from becoming reality.”

He went on to say that giving Obama the Nobel award was like giving a baseball pitcher a prize simply for saying he was going to win 50 games and strike out 500 batters. Like I said earlier, I couldn’t have said this better myself. No matter who you voted for in last election, think about what Obama HAS accomplished. NOTHING !!

I feel bad for the group of people who have accomplished something in their lifetime and have won the award. They are the ones who suffer through Obama’s gift because the award has officially lost it’s value. Why? Because people like Yasser Arafat (terrorist), Mikhail Gorbachev (communist), Jimmy Carter (self-explanatory), Al Gore (global warming nut), and now Barack Hussein Obama (future achiever). Do I need to say more?


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