Is This A Joke ??

Who cares that he has been President for less than a year.


Who cares that he has tried, but not accomplished yet decreasing nuclear arms around the world.


Who cares that he has tried to ease tensions with the Muslim world, but over half of the Middle East hates the U.S.


None of the above have come to fruition, but the Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award President Barack Hussein Obama the Noble Peace Prize overnight. Yes, you heard correctly !! When is this lovefest going to end? When? I am outraged at this decision because he does not deserve the award, yet. Maybe in the future, if he accomplished what was mentioned above, he will deserve it. Right now, he does not. He has been President of the United States for only 9 months !! If the news didn’t push you over the edge, I guarantee this will. The deadline to nominate someone is Feb. 1. Barack Obama had only 10 days on the job !! Unfortunately, we won’t know who voted for the “Messiah” for another  50 years.


Here how it works: (1) Applications are sent out in September to people qualified to nominate. (2) Nominations must be postmarked by February 1. Anything received after will be for next year’s process. (3) Between February and March the committee reviews the candidates work and prepares a short list. At this point, President Obama has, assuming by March they mean the 31st, 2 months on the job. He was still 70 days into his new job. Barely scratched the surface.(4) March – August the short list is reviewed by the permanent advisers and special advisers who were recruited for their specific knowledge on the candidates. Note: These advisers DO NOT directly evaluate the nominations nor give explicit recommendations. What I interpret from that is that even if Obama has not accomplished anything of what he was nominated for up to this point, he won’t be judged on that. Even up to today, Oct. 9, he has made an attempt to accomplish all of these issues for which he was nominate for, but he is not even close to accomplishing anything of them yet. It is too early. Why does “trying”, “almost there”, “I can feel it”, ” he is giving it his best shot” constitute a Noble Peace Prize? If you think I am being too harsh on our socialist leader keep reading. Who was the strongest symbol of non-violence in the 20th century? Mahatmas Gandhi. He NEVER won the award. Hence the title of the award: Nobel PEACE Prize. What a joke !!


One response to “Is This A Joke ??

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