Higher Priority

Columbia, a major U.S. ally, got the cold shoulder from the Obama administration last Tuesday when Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said that the free trade pact between the two countries was dead for the year. The reason? Because Washington is too busy with healthcare. A free-trade treaty between U.S. and Columbia would be beneficial for both countries considering the current unemployment situation in the U.S. (9.8% unemployment). The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates it would create 384,000 American jobs at a time. Columbia has ties with the great country for many years and this is the way they get treated? Unbelievable !!!!

On the other hand, Cuba, a country who once brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and planned to bomb New York city the day after Thanksgiving, gets priority treatment. How you ask? The same day Locke delivered to the news to Columbia, the State Department announced that acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Bisa Williams was sent to Havana to negotiate new agreements with the communist government. That’s right. You heard correctly. The Obama administration pus Cuban much higher in the priority ladder than a very good and close ally, Columbia. Lastly, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Everett Eissenstat, said last Tuesday that Columbia still had more preconditions to fulfill. Really? Did I miss something? What about all of the preconditions Cuba has to fulfill? Give me a break you Washington jackasses !!!!


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