AGAIN: Another School Indoctrination Video

Thanks to the good people at  Babalu Blog, another disgusting Obama indoctrination video has been found.This time the video takes place in Ashville, N.C. in Sands Hill Elementary School. As I mentioned in my first school indoctrination post, who knows how many more videos are out there. We know of two videos.

I will say it again, there has to be more of these disgusting videos floating out there or sound to be released. If I was a parent and my kid took part in something like this, I would be extremely pissed off. How can a school use its taxpayer funded resources to promote a political agenda? This is getting out of hand.

Here it is:

The more I watch this video the more I get upset. The kids in the video are not to be blamed for what they were forced to do. It is the teachers who pushed this onto the innocent kids and they are the ones to blame. What is going on? Where were the Bush songs when he became president?

For those of you who say that this is not indoctrination, I have some news for you. This is how it starts – take advantage and get them while they are young. It is not the first time indoctrination starts in the classroom.

Here is proof:


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