More Time In School

It seems like President “Doom and Gloom” keeps showing us why he is no longer President “Hope and Change”. Obama wants to shorten summer vacation for students by prolonging the school year. Major cuts, in Miami-Dade and Broward, have already been endured and now the president is advocating more schools days bringing higher costs for the school system. Not only is the school system going to take a hit, but more importantly will be the hotels, tourism in general, and summer camps. The economy is already bad as it is, why would the president make it worse? Obama states that U.S. school children don’t spend enough time in the classrooms and making the school year longer will increase learning.

Think of the possibility if school kids only have half of the normal days of summer vacation. How big of a hit would hotels, tourism, and camps take? President and CEO of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, Joe McInerney, said that fewer vacation days will lead to huge losses of revenue for American hotels and resorts. Also, he said that it would dry up the industry’s labor source because a lot of high school and college students are hired for summer employment between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

In Wildwood, N.J., a tourist town, approximately 7 million visitors visit the boardwalks, beaches, and restaurants from mid-June to September. They spend over $185 million on hotels and prepared food and beverages alone, according to John Siciliano, executive director of the Wildwood Tourism Authority. If you were to take into account the revenue generated by the amusement rides, stores, boardwalk, the $185 million would triple to – $555 million. Now what would happen to that figure for this town if Obama cuts summer vacation in half? You got it. The results could be devastating in an economy that is already struggling! Summer camps would also take a big hit. Experts believe that many summer camps will be heavily affected considering in some states the window of opportunity for the camps to operate gets smaller as time passes due to the weather.

If this does occur, it will only have a negative impact on our economy because less people will travel to the usual summer hot spots. There are multiple dominoes effects that will occur, but don’t worry President “Doom and Gloom” is here to serve !!


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