You Want A Soft Drink?

How many of you enjoy a nice refreshing soft drink (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.)? I know I do every once in a while. How much would you be willing to pay for that soft drink? Uncle Sam (President Obama) is liking the idea of taxing soft drinks to curb the obesity problem in America. I did not agree when cigarette taxes were raised a while back, and I don’t agree with this tax increase either. The reason for my disagreement is because we live in a free country which allows its people do what they want with their lives. Of course, in the process don’t jeopardize another person.

The government is mulling over the idea to create a penny per ounce soft drink tax! What does that mean? Well, a can of soda (12 OZ) will cost you $0.12 more and a 2 liter bottle (67.62 OZ) will cost you $0.67 more if this becomes law. I know that the soda in the vending machines in my lunchroom are currently $0.70. That means that we might be paying $0.82 for a damn can of soda ($0.07 per ounce). Yes, an excess amount of soda consumption can be harmful in the long run, but that is YOUR decision, not the governments. Also, this tax will penalize the company that manufactures the products because there will be a lot of people who will not buy soda as regularly as they used to because of thee tax. So Obama, if passed, will eventually be damaging our economy once again instead of fixing it.

You might be saying to yourself, “Well I usually buy my soda from the vending machine at work. So I should be safe from the tax.” WRONG !! If this does become a law, the prices for soda will go up in all vending machines. The added tax that vendors will have to pay when they  buy the soda will be passed on to the you, the consumer. The same applies to a restaurants, street vendor and soda bought at a Marlins or Dolphins game. We should not have to live our lives getting taxed because we want to enjoy something. It is absurd to get taxed on top of the sales tax because you want to enjoy a Coke.


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