Losers Approve of Obama

In response to President Obama’s decision to cancel a planned anti-ballistic missile system for Eastern Europe (Poland and Czechoslovakia) that was agreed upon by the Bush administration, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin praised Obama on Friday suggesting that the move would lead to improved relations between their countries. Putin said, “I very much hope that this correct and brave decision will be followed by others.”

In response to President Obama mentioning during his U.N. speech today that all wealthy nations have a particular responsibility to act on climate change and for the damage it has caused, fidel castro said the comment, “was without a doubt a brave gesture”. He also wrote, “It would only be fair to recognize that no other United States president would have had the courage to say what he said.”

Muammar Qaddafi said of President Obama during his speech at the U.N. today, “We would be happy if Obama could stay forever.”

If two terrorists and a ex-KGB member “approve” of our President, what does the future hold for us?


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