President Flipper

During his speech last week, President Obama said “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.” But wait, in August he said, “We’ve got 46-47 million people without health insurance in our country.” You may be asking yourself, “What happened to those 17 million? Did they all get hired in 3 weeks and get health insurance?” The answer is: NO !! The White House says that the 17 million are illegal immigrants that were being accounted before by the White House and their mouthpiece – mainstream media, even though they were never going to be included in the healthcare reform bill. Let’s be honest, doesn’t 47 million scare people more than 30 million? It got to the point that they can no longer continue to use that figure because people we catching on to their inflated numbers.

A new study by former Congressional Budget Office Director June O’Neill, commissioned by the Employment Policies Institute, determined that almost half of the 46.3 million not insured in 2008 could afford to purchase healthcare coverage. These people – 18-64 years old – have annual incomes at least 2.5 times the poverty level – “$27,000 or more a year for a single adult with no dependents.” The average household that is “voluntarily uninsured” makes $65,000 per year. The term “voluntarily uninsured” means that they choose NOT to purchase private health insurance. I guarantee you that if those people who choose not to purchase insurance are researched further, it would be determined that they go out for dinners, cell phones, cable TV and other priorities. A guy who is 25 years old, making $50,000 a year, single, and perfectly healthy is what the study describes as “voluntarily uninsured”. Basically, the mentality of The White House and Congress is – one size fits all.

Now that we know that 43% (20.2 million) of the “uninsured” could be insured if they wish, let’s address illegal immigrants. I have seen estimates as low as 8.5 million to as high as 20 million; so for argument sake, let’s meet half way – 14.5 million. So take the amount of those who wish not to purchase healthcare, even though they have the means, and add the 14.5 million who are in the U.S. illegally. What you get is – 34.7 million who could afford healthcare and those who are illegal immigrants. That leaves about 12 million people uninsured.

As mentioned earlier, since the beginning of the healthcare discussion, Illegal immigrants were never going to be “covered” under ObamaCare. So why did the Rep. Joe Wilson (R-NC) scream at President Obama last week, “You Lie” when the president made the comment about illegal immigrants not being covered under the plan? Because there is nothing within the bill that says you must show proof you are legal into the U.S. Who will police illegal immigrants when they go to the hospital to get treated? No one. So Rep. Wilson was correct when he accused the president on lying at that moment. What we need is immigration reform to address that problem not healthcare reform.

Also, I am not even taking into account the millions who were unemployed last year and had no insurance coverage. They had coverage until they lost their job !! These people should not be accounted for because the figures are very misleading.

In conclusion, before creating a new healthcare system that will be government-run, why not fix what is currently wrong (i.e. Medicaid, Medicare, malpractice lawsuits, etc). Is it really worth it to spend over $1 trillion over the next 10 years to give insurance to 12 million people? No !!


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