Gimme Your Money Or Else

Montana Democrat Max Baucus, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has proposed a scheme of fees and fines on insurers and the uninsured with the idea of forcibly bring everyone into the arms of the United Socialist of America. His plan is tax and fine those who do not sign up for ObamaCare – $6 billion on health insurers, $4 billion on medical device makers, $2.3 billion on drug manufactures and $750 million on clinical laboratories, just to mention a few. There is no way that all of the fees and taxes mentioned will help cut healthcare costs. What is does is prevent medical innovations and lifesaving medicines from being created since they would have to now to be responsible for the taxes and fees.


According to Robert Zirkelbach of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) says, "New taxes on health insurance coverage is only going to make coverage less affordable for individuals, families and small businesses." The $6 billion fee on health insurers equals to 25% of the industry's pretax profit and 60% of after-tax earnings. That is not a fee; that is called “I have a gun. Gimme all your money. NOW !!”


Under the ObamaCare plan by Max Baucus, if a company has over 50 employees and they do not offer insurance to them, they will be assessed a fee of $400 per employee. The plan would also require that all Americans get health insurance. If you decide not to, a penalty would be assessed to you in the amount starting at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. That’s not all. Any household making more than three times the poverty level would face the maximum fine of $3,800 for families and $950 for individuals. I thought this was a democracy ??

Most of us are very happy with our health insurance. There are many other ways to help expand coverage without the fees and taxes. One way is to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. There are over 1,300 health insurance providers and by allowing an open market competition will lower the prices. Why isn’t that an option ?? I don’t see how ObamaCare will make us any healthier or healthcare coverage any cheaper. All is does is expand government control over the healthcare industry as they have done with the banks and auto industry.


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