What is a Czar?

I know we have all heard that word before, but now it is a common term President Barrack Obama has made stylish. Obama has appointed 32 czars ranging from a tourism czar to a Guantanamo Bay closure czar. These czars have NOT been confirmed by the Senate nor does Congress have any insight over them. Obama has taken the liberty of placing them in the position they currently have and awarding them all the power they have (salaries as high as $172,000, staff members, office, and a travel budget). These individuals are getting paid with taxpayer’s money to push the agenda of our transforming socialist government created by the President. What happened to “check and balances” within our government? These czars do not answer to anyone, but the President. We are paying for their salary and do NOT have the power to vote them out of their position; only the President does. Their role within in the government undermines the Cabinet.

The term czar has been used by the media to refer to appointed executive branch officials since at least the early 1940s. In the postwar era, the rise of the “czar” has accompanied the expanding role of the executive office in promoting policy initiatives; the term is generally used when presidents create special posts for individuals charged with pushing such initiatives through. In the United States the title “czar” is an informal term for certain high-level officials who direct or oversee federal operations on a given topic or who coordinate policies between different departments on a given topic. What happened to transparency Mr. President?

As of August 24, 2009, of the 500 senior policy making positions needed to be filled by President Obama, only 43% of them have been filled. These positions require Senate confirmations something the special advisors “czars” don’t. in other words, Obama is circumventing the process to avoid any investigation into his appointees.

Don’t get me wrong, past administrations have had czars and that is nothing new. The problem here is the fact that Obama has appointed over 30 czars and they only answer to him while getting paid by us, taxpayers. Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush (father) had each one czar, Clinton had three and George W. Bush had four. Almost 8 months into his presidency, Obama has 8 times more czars than his predecessor !! Enough is enough !!


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