This is disgusting. Socialist radicals are using Patriots Day (9/11) as a day for you, the constituent, to make two phones calls to your U.S. Senators. The calls are to express your approval for the government run Healthcare Reform Bill. They are using a day in which we honor the over three thousand people that perished on 9/11/2001 because once we make the phone calls to our senators, we would be true patriots.

Within this message, we, the people who do not want the government to run or manage our healthcare, are categorized as “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists”. What ??!! I am a domestic terrorist because I don’t want your dumbass to run my healthcare ?? Give me a break you jerk !! What is this Venezuela ??

This may not seem like a big deal because we have been called worse, but this time it is different. You see, all of the above was on Barrack Obama “Organizing for America” website. It was written by a senator. This is incredible that a website created for the President has that kind of derogatory language aimed at Americans who don not agree with him. Completely un-American !!

Since the White House was caught with this kind of language on the website, they have made the page invalid. Take a look – Click here.

Here is what the website had in it before it was erased – Obama website.


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